Decorating My Home When Family Drops In

One of my favorite places in the universe is the classroom. Ever since I entered the first grade, I have loved school. Nothing compared to being with friends, learning new things, and having fun all in one place. In order to fit in, I would add my comments to the conversations that the only good thing about school was recess. However, I secretly loved the classroom. I always managed to get the teachers that added such color to the classrooms, which always made their lessons come to life. It was my favorite part of school. Regardless, something always puzzled me. I never had a problem doing homework at school, but it was always a battle to force myself to do it at home, and I could never figure out why. Then something magical happened.

My dad remodeled our home. I never imagined what home could feel like before my dad finished remodeling our home. Even worse, I didn’t even care about what it looked like. It all started to change when we finished the carpet and walls. I’ll never forget when I came home to the sweet smell of new carpet. It made a majestic sight combined with the new paint on the walls. There was a comfort and a satisfaction that came from seeing these new elements in our home. That was just the beginning. Soon my parents bought new couches and pictures for our walls. Then they put up new shelves and we got a new stand for our tv. They even bought me a desk. By the time we were done with our house, I didn’t want to leave. The matching colors and decorations brought a calming peace to my mind.

I’ve always loved the environment of a classroom and a library. After the remodel, I found the environment so much easier to do homework in. It felt like I was at school when I did homework at home. I found myself completing my homework faster and faster. It was so much easier to think. Through décor I was able to bring the classroom home. I feel that décor matters because it has a profound influence on our minds and the way that we think. The décor in our home opened up my mind to a new world by providing an environment in which I could learn. I was a good student, now I am a great student. I used to like learning, now I love it.

Although most do not see the potential of a great décor, I am not most people. From holiday to the first day of school to congratulatory décor, how one furnishes a room is important. To me, décor is like setting the stage to life because, despite popular opinion, the way your stage looks can have a drastic impact on your attitude, personality, and mood. In my personal experience, this has been true many times; however, I can recount one instance where the décor played a huge role in an intimate, family event. This essay will describe the time in which décor meant the most in life and why it mattered.

It was a brisk Thanksgiving morning. I had just woken up and as I hurried to get dressed, my stomach was in knots because it would be the first time I had seen my extended family in years. You may ask why this was a stressful time for me: it was the first time my mother and father would be in the same room since I was young and they not particularly enjoy one another’s company. So I rushed downstairs to help my grandmother prepare the meal. There was chicken. There were lima beans. There was apple pie (my favorite). There was ham. There were macaroni and cheese. All of the workings of a great Thanksgiving meal had been prepared, yet something was missing. “Ah, the décor,” I thought.

My Southwestern Style Home Decor Story

southwestern style homeDecor gives me feelings. When I step into a new room and inhale the visual sensations, I become attached to the environment. This experience is something like a prison of time, one that I cannot escape. If I’m lucky, the room suits my expectations of class and leaves me at ease. If I’m in a room below or above my expectations, I could find myself nervous. I find it impossible to imagine life without decor; a world without art is a world without meaning.
A decorated room, whether attractively assembled or not, is one that delivers emotions most memorable. I can vividly recall one occasion in Fes, Morocco when I visited the home of a local resident in the old town. I entered a one-room home with unique quality. Six beds lined the walls of the tiny home topped with elegantly hued quilts. In addition to the sleeping space was a coffee table covered with rolling tobacco, teakettles, and chickens. I cannot shake the experience from my subconscious.  I had begun to fall in love with southwestern style, especially the area rugs and wall art.
When a person decorates a room for himself or herself, the room is the product of the individual’s comfort zone. When I put together my bedroom in my first flat, I had carefully chosen the exact position of every object belonging to my personal space to really flesh out my perfect southwestern room. The only restrictions to positioning were the size and shape of the objects. The end product was a work of art that stimulated the imaginations of my guests. Some of my guests reported being uncomfortable based on a crooked painting of dying yellow and green flowers that hung loosely on my wall.
I like to experience new settings. Without experiencing something unusual we live with our eyes and minds closed. It’s important to experience all the decors life can offer because then, we can live in the moment. If the world had all the same artless decor, we would have nothing that would individualize us. Therefore, we would all be the same monotonous meaningless life forms. Decor is the most important form of art that gives meaning and purpose to every individual.

Aztec Cloth

In my life, I feel that decor matters because it can represent me in another way. It gives me a way to expressing myself without actually having to say anything. When it came time to move into college for the first time last year, it really got me thinking. I was nervous to move in, but at the same time, I was more excited to decorate a room again.A foreign place where no one knew me yet, and it then allowed me to express myself anyway. It’s not like in the past I have been afraid or nervous to express myself, but allowing myself to open up to others through decor is eye opening to me. I learned so much about people by just stepping in their room for a minute.

While looking at myself from someone else’s angle, I would say one would be able to learn a lot about me from my room. Looking back at my freshman year dorm, I would say it was a tight space for three girls but well organized. I like things neat, and I like to know where things are instead of it just being thrown all over the floor. When you walked in my roommates and my room you could see that we had all the beds one one side, giving each of us our own space. At my desk, I had a blue Aztec cloth that hung up above my desk too cover the white jail like walls. On my desk, I had a desk calendar, desk lamp, and makeup bag. My desk was simple but allowed me space to complete my assignments. Next, to my desk, was my wardrobe closet and my food bin that I had always sat on tops. Whenever someone came into my room, they always said “is that all yours and in fact, it was all mine.

My friends at school learned I am a snacker which explains all of the snacks that I had in my dorm room. Also scattered around my area, I had pictures of my friends and family to surround me. Some of the lights were hung up by cute lights and others were just taped on the walls. It was never just the way I expressed myself through decorating my room but also through the way I dressed to. I wear a lot of light colors like blues and green. So my college friends tried to push me out of that habit too wear new things. I decorating myself and the things around me too be intriguing because it allows other to see who I am. It allows a lot of people to understand who I am without having to get have a full conversation.

Western Style Decor

Décor is something that I was surrounded by growing up but I never noticed it. My mother would always watch design shows and would redo different rooms in the house, including my bedroom, but I just assumed it was something she did because she enjoyed it or because she wanted to follow the latest trends. It wasn’t until this past summer when I realized how important design is to a person.

When I was in high school there were difficult things that I had to cope with. For around three years I battled both depression and an eating disorder, both of which made my high school experience horrible. I found myself constantly pent up in my room and I wouldn’t leave very often. Since then, I have gotten help and recovered and I’m very happy and proud to say that I am fully recovered. A strange thing happened this summer where for the first time in nearly two years I started to get into the bad mindset I was in during high school. My mother suggested redoing my room, where I still spend much of my time. I thought at first that it was just something to do to get my mind off of things and figured it was worth a try. Everything was changed, from my wall colors to my bedding, from my decorations to the books on my bookshelf. Even my western style furniture was arranged in a new way.

The astonishing thing that came out of redoing my room was not that it distracted me as a form of entertainment, but that afterward I wasn’t taken back to who I was in high school. What was crazy to me was that my bedroom prior to me redecorating it reminded me of who I was previously and took me back to the toxic state of mind that I had. Now being in my room doesn’t remind me of the past, but allows me to be in the present with the healthy, passionate, hopeful self that I have become. I never knew that a room could impact emotions so much or that change in your life could also mean that you should change your surroundings.

Today I watch design shows with my mother and I look at the magazines she gets with different décor ideas. I would never have guessed that it would be something that we enjoy doing together. The change in my mental state that I went through during the past two years while being away at school was almost negated in the first few weeks of summer. It was amazing how changing my room could allow me to maintain and even improve my progress. Décor allowed my room to become a place of peace that I enjoy being in this summer, and I am very grateful for that.

Decorating Zen

zen decoration

When we are sad, when we are happy, when we are greatly troubled, we all have one particular area that we want to retire to, to hide out in, in which to regroup. We all have our haven, our happy place. For some, it is the outdoors, for others, a coffee house, and yet others find the comfort of their own home to be their base, where no one can touch them or tag them out.

Each time I move, and I have moved plenty, one of my priorities is to paint the room. The color is typically darker shades of blue, as I am predisposed to migraines. After that touch is added, there are black out curtains under brightly shaded sheers, because while the dark is necessary, so is the light. My favorite turquoise antique secretary, my antique fold-up rocker, my woven black and turquoise rug, and my favorite Avett Brothers blanket. I need these items because they have proven to provide comfort to me. They speak to me of home, of solace, of serenity. Constants in my decoration are my cats, Brian and Tyler. Of course they’re not decoration, but family, but adding them to the combination of comforts creates an aesthetic that puts my mind where it needs to be. I know I am at home when these items come together.

For some, an empty room is all that they need to find some level of zen, but through my trials and errors, I know that Behr Underwater is the first step of several to achieving my decoration zen.

Southwest Area Rugs Can Liven Up A Room

Whether you are starting with carpeted or hardwood floors in your home, area rugs are a great way to decorate. There are many styles and types of rugs. The best way to choose is to research the area rugs you are interested in.

You can find many different kinds of area rugs with a quick search. Animal sketch area rugs, all natural area rugs, Southwestern or Persian area rugs, and even area rugs made out of bamboo all place highly on search engines. Southwest area rugs are especially popular and are sold at many sits.

When people hear the phrase ‘Southwestern area rugs,’ they often have a particular style in mind and are surprised by the range of colors and patterns that exist in the Southwestern style. Some of the Southwestern styles rugs are more in line with the older, more traditional, Native designs, but others are in a much more contemporary styling which makes for a much more eclectic decorating style for any room.

Some rug stores that carry Southwestern rugs also offer interesting selections of natural area rugs and animal print area rugs. If you wish to be inventive, consider combining rug styles in your home decor. The photographs need to be bold and varied throughout the room, but still be tied together with matching accessories such as throws and pillows It may be helpful to ask for the advice of the store’s decorator before finalizing your purchase.

Area rugs are a good, decorative way to keep your furniture in place on slippery floors and can protect wood floors from scratches and other damage. Area rugs are also an ideal way to absorb sound in a large house or apartment that may seem hollow without carpeting. Area rugs in a subtle Southwest design can prove to be functional while adding just a touch of color, without being overwhelming.

Southwest area rugs can originate from the Southwest or the West, and many people tend to be somewhat confused when trying to differentiate them. Look for greens or dark blues, prevalent in Southwest area, with more primary reds and blacks, accented in whites and grays to be found on classic Western productions.

Remember that while Southwest area rugs have been designed to last and constructed accordingly, many of these rugs are made from beautiful and high-quality wools. They are certainly soft and durable but be very careful that you protect them from any hard, wearing traffic and those potentially nasty spills.Southwest area rugs or Western tapestries are perfectly matched to your rustic decor, log cabin, lodge or ranch house. Within each room, use your eye to match particular colors, styles, and patterns to the ambiance or natural light of the room and its purpose.

Personal style is the most important part of which rug you choose. Any decorator will be able to help you see the way that the colors of the rug will interact with the style of your furniture, but you are the one that will be living with the choice of rug that you make. Be certain that you choose the rug that you love.

Sofa Designs – Find Your Way Of Life In The Furniture Sofa

Sofa Designs will bring a new atmosphere in your home and family because the couch is the most used furniture in every room. In a family home, home interior design will look obsolete if the furniture in the show is less elegant as the couch. Sofa is one of the furniture that gives the impression that you have good taste in selecting it because almost all the guests and friends will find a sofa in every arrival. As for the living room, choose an appropriate color for the living room with neutral colors, bright and comfortable viewing.

You have to choose and think about the  sofa designs for each preference in accordance with the function space. Customize with other furniture accessories like bedroom wall color, lighting, flooring and furniture colors other accessories. If you have a small room that you should not put too much furniture and accessories are large and use the walls a bright color so it looks wider and bigger.

The placement of the sofa you have to take and do not block the road, doors and windows because it can interfere with your activities and your family. first you should research when Buying a sofa for a variety of markets to get perfect results. Sofa furniture designs found in some places either exhibition or festival that offers gifts and discounts at attractive prices. various shapes and sizes such as square sofa, modern classic, round, rectangular or with a modern design that you will find in many furniture stores today and has a price Varies from low prices for the highest price. If you are into western decor then you should look into picking up a cowhide sofa.

Many who use the sofa in leather or a leather sofa home interior design as it can bring the atmosphere of luxury in every presentation and leather designs sofa also offer many attractive colors so you can have furniture modern sofa now. There are several ways to maintain and care for leather sofa designs…

1. Do not put leather sofa directly exposed to sunlight because sunlight can damage the skin to become chapped and rough couch.

2. Hygiene in making sofa you become more beautiful and comfortable. regularly clean the sofa from dirt or dust will keep the quality and durability.

3. Use a moisturizing leather sofa to make it look more radiant and beautiful.