Aztec Cloth

In my life, I feel that decor matters because it can represent me in another way. It gives me a way to expressing myself without actually having to say anything. When it came time to move into college for the first time last year, it really got me thinking. I was nervous to move in, but at the same time, I was more excited to decorate a room again.A foreign place where no one knew me yet, and it then allowed me to express myself anyway. It’s not like in the past I have been afraid or nervous to express myself, but allowing myself to open up to others through decor is eye opening to me. I learned so much about people by just stepping in their room for a minute.

While looking at myself from someone else’s angle, I would say one would be able to learn a lot about me from my room. Looking back at my freshman year dorm, I would say it was a tight space for three girls but well organized. I like things neat, and I like to know where things are instead of it just being thrown all over the floor. When you walked in my roommates and my room you could see that we had all the beds one one side, giving each of us our own space. At my desk, I had a blue Aztec cloth that hung up above my desk too cover the white jail like walls. On my desk, I had a desk calendar, desk lamp, and makeup bag. My desk was simple but allowed me space to complete my assignments. Next, to my desk, was my wardrobe closet and my food bin that I had always sat on tops. Whenever someone came into my room, they always said “is that all yours and in fact, it was all mine.


My friends at school learned I am a snacker which explains all of the snacks that I had in my dorm room. Also scattered around my area, I had pictures of my friends and family to surround me. Some of the lights were hung up by cute lights and others were just taped on the walls. It was never just the way I expressed myself through decorating my room but also through the way I dressed to. I wear a lot of light colors like blues and green. So my college friends tried to push me out of that habit too wear new things. I decorating myself and the things around me too be intriguing because it allows other to see who I am. It allows a lot of people to understand who I am without having to get have a full conversation.

Author: Danielle

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