Decorating My Home When Family Drops In

One of my favorite places in the universe is the classroom. Ever since I entered the first grade, I have loved school. Nothing compared to being with friends, learning new things, and having fun all in one place. In order to fit in, I would add my comments to the conversations that the only good thing about school was recess. However, I secretly loved the classroom. I always managed to get the teachers that added such color to the classrooms, which always made their lessons come to life. It was my favorite part of school. Regardless, something always puzzled me. I never had a problem doing homework at school, but it was always a battle to force myself to do it at home, and I could never figure out why. Then something magical happened.

My dad remodeled our home. I never imagined what home could feel like before my dad finished remodeling our home. Even worse, I didn’t even care about what it looked like. It all started to change when we finished the carpet and walls. I’ll never forget when I came home to the sweet smell of new carpet. It made a majestic sight combined with the new paint on the walls. There was a comfort and a satisfaction that came from seeing these new elements in our home. That was just the beginning. Soon my parents bought new couches and pictures for our walls. Then they put up new shelves and we got a new stand for our tv. They even bought me a desk. By the time we were done with our house, I didn’t want to leave. The matching colors and decorations brought a calming peace to my mind.

I’ve always loved the environment of a classroom and a library. After the remodel, I found the environment so much easier to do homework in. It felt like I was at school when I did homework at home. I found myself completing my homework faster and faster. It was so much easier to think. Through décor I was able to bring the classroom home. I feel that décor matters because it has a profound influence on our minds and the way that we think. The décor in our home opened up my mind to a new world by providing an environment in which I could learn. I was a good student, now I am a great student. I used to like learning, now I love it.


Although most do not see the potential of a great décor, I am not most people. From holiday to the first day of school to congratulatory décor, how one furnishes a room is important. To me, décor is like setting the stage to life because, despite popular opinion, the way your stage looks can have a drastic impact on your attitude, personality, and mood. In my personal experience, this has been true many times; however, I can recount one instance where the décor played a huge role in an intimate, family event. This essay will describe the time in which décor meant the most in life and why it mattered.

It was a brisk Thanksgiving morning. I had just woken up and as I hurried to get dressed, my stomach was in knots because it would be the first time I had seen my extended family in years. You may ask why this was a stressful time for me: it was the first time my mother and father would be in the same room since I was young and they not particularly enjoy one another’s company. So I rushed downstairs to help my grandmother prepare the meal. There was chicken. There were lima beans. There was apple pie (my favorite). There was ham. There were macaroni and cheese. All of the workings of a great Thanksgiving meal had been prepared, yet something was missing. “Ah, the décor,” I thought.

Since the meal was completed and my duties in the kitchen were done, I decided to go to the store to pick the best décor for the family meal. This mattered almost as much as the meal because not only did my mother and father have different interests in food, but they also would ruin a meal if the décor was too much or not enough. As I was in the store and pondered the decorations aisle, a million things were running through my head as nothing fit perfectly with the event of the day. However, I was helped to buy all of the perfect things that I needed in order for the meal to go smoothly.

Preparing The Room – Rugs, Chairs, Rearranging Everything

Now that the kitchen had been redecorated with décor to suit both my mother and father, I knew that the lounging area before and after the meal was important as well so that everyone in attendance could enjoy one another’s company. Therefore, I rearranged the furniture and chairs so that my mother’s most comfortable chair was at the opposite end of the room as my father’s most likely place to recline. I also made sure that the area where the youngest members of the family were sitting separated the two (just as a precautionary measure). Then, I put the remote control at the foot of where my grandmother would relax as there would be no arguing for control of the remote before or after dinner. Next, I placed the television in a place where everyone could see it properly. Lastly, and more importantly, I put out the final piece of the puzzle: the western area rug. This was very key to the décor as my mother was in a good mood when she could weave her toes throughout the rug design and when my dad falls asleep in front of the TV, he does so on the rug. I placed the rug in the center of the room and it was big enough to reach both ends.

As the guests started to arrive and my mother and father walked in, I knew that my décor had certainly helped the situation. After saying her greetings, my mother took to the place where she regularly sits and, as planned, my father reclined comfortably in his area of a commonplace. It worked. It actually. Not only was there no bickering amongst the family (aside from the usual family debates), but my mother and father had found common ground during the event and appeared to enjoy one another’s company. Although many might say that my family had not argued because of the holiday season, I think it was because that décor matters, because if life is a stage, it is our responsibility to set it up as we see fit.

Author: Danielle

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