Decorating Zen

zen decoration

When we are sad, when we are happy, when we are greatly troubled, we all have one particular area that we want to retire to, to hide out in, in which to regroup. We all have our haven, our happy place. For some, it is the outdoors, for others, a coffee house, and yet others find the comfort of their own home to be their base, where no one can touch them or tag them out.

Each time I move, and I have moved plenty, one of my priorities is to paint the room. The color is typically darker shades of blue, as I am predisposed to migraines. After that touch is added, there are black out curtains under brightly shaded sheers, because while the dark is necessary, so is the light. My favorite turquoise antique secretary, my antique fold-up rocker, my woven black and turquoise rug, and my favorite Avett Brothers blanket. I need these items because they have proven to provide comfort to me. They speak to me of home, of solace, of serenity. Constants in my decoration are my cats, Brian and Tyler. Of course they’re not decoration, but family, but adding them to the combination of comforts creates an aesthetic that puts my mind where it needs to be. I know I am at home when these items come together.


For some, an empty room is all that they need to find some level of zen, but through my trials and errors, I know that Behr Underwater is the first step of several to achieving my decoration zen.

Author: Danielle

Hi, my name's Danielle. I'm a mom, life coach, interior design enthusiast, and rambling enthusiast. Thanks for stopping by!