My Southwestern Style Home Decor Story

southwestern style homeDecor gives me feelings. When I step into a new room and inhale the visual sensations, I become attached to the environment. This experience is something like a prison of time, one that I cannot escape. If I’m lucky, the room suits my expectations of class and leaves me at ease. If I’m in a room below or above my expectations, I could find myself nervous. I find it impossible to imagine life without decor; a world without art is a world without meaning.
A decorated room, whether attractively assembled or not, is one that delivers emotions most memorable. I can vividly recall one occasion in Fes, Morocco when I visited the home of a local resident in the old town. I entered a one-room home with unique quality. Six beds lined the walls of the tiny home topped with elegantly hued quilts. In addition to the sleeping space was a coffee table covered with rolling tobacco, teakettles, and chickens. I cannot shake the experience from my subconscious.  I had begun to fall in love with southwestern style, especially the area rugs and wall art.
When a person decorates a room for himself or herself, the room is the product of the individual’s comfort zone. When I put together my bedroom in my first flat, I had carefully chosen the exact position of every object belonging to my personal space to really flesh out my perfect southwestern room. The only restrictions to positioning were the size and shape of the objects. The end product was a work of art that stimulated the imaginations of my guests. Some of my guests reported being uncomfortable based on a crooked painting of dying yellow and green flowers that hung loosely on my wall.
I like to experience new settings. Without experiencing something unusual we live with our eyes and minds closed. It’s important to experience all the decors life can offer because then, we can live in the moment. If the world had all the same artless decor, we would have nothing that would individualize us. Therefore, we would all be the same monotonous meaningless life forms. Decor is the most important form of art that gives meaning and purpose to every individual.

Author: Danielle

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