Western Style Decor

Décor is something that I was surrounded by growing up but I never noticed it. My mother would always watch design shows and would redo different rooms in the house, including my bedroom, but I just assumed it was something she did because she enjoyed it or because she wanted to follow the latest trends. It wasn’t until this past summer when I realized how important design is to a person.


When I was in high school there were difficult things that I had to cope with. For around three years I battled both depression and an eating disorder, both of which made my high school experience horrible. I found myself constantly pent up in my room and I wouldn’t leave very often. Since then, I have gotten help and recovered and I’m very happy and proud to say that I am fully recovered. A strange thing happened this summer where for the first time in nearly two years I started to get into the bad mindset I was in during high school. My mother suggested redoing my room, where I still spend much of my time. I thought at first that it was just something to do to get my mind off of things and figured it was worth a try. Everything was changed, from my wall colors to my bedding, from my decorations to the books on my bookshelf. Even my western style furniture was arranged in a new way.


The astonishing thing that came out of redoing my room was not that it distracted me as a form of entertainment, but that afterward I wasn’t taken back to who I was in high school. What was crazy to me was that my bedroom prior to me redecorating it reminded me of who I was previously and took me back to the toxic state of mind that I had. Now being in my room doesn’t remind me of the past, but allows me to be in the present with the healthy, passionate, hopeful self that I have become. I never knew that a room could impact emotions so much or that change in your life could also mean that you should change your surroundings.


Today I watch design shows with my mother and I look at the magazines she gets with different décor ideas. I would never have guessed that it would be something that we enjoy doing together. The change in my mental state that I went through during the past two years while being away at school was almost negated in the first few weeks of summer. It was amazing how changing my room could allow me to maintain and even improve my progress. Décor allowed my room to become a place of peace that I enjoy being in this summer, and I am very grateful for that.

Author: Danielle

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